GamutoWare: Class of 2022 is out!

Hey! Thanks for tuning in!

This GamutoWare update refers to the work done during the first semester of 2022, in which we taught a bunch of college students how to make games in Godot. This update features a couple of improvements in the original demo games, as well as the three games developed by students. The new games are as follows

Race - Victor de Moraes

Race against an AI double to the finish line. Careful not to hit any rocks!

Whale - Lucca Fuke

A whale is falling from the sky! Make sure it dies a gruesome death

Gamuturai - Paulo Barreto & Matheus Gravalos

Empty your mind, remember your training, and help Gamuto perfectly cut a piece of bamboo!

And that's it for this year! We're very excited to teach this class again to a new batch of students in 2023. For now, we hope you enjoy the new minigames!

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Aug 12, 2022

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