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Dang cool game. Super different. I'm surprised this didn't make Mark's top 20. Seems to fit his criteria perfectly.




Awesome game - I'm glad I saw it on the stream. Also, it's very nice to see Godot gaining popularity


Amazingly well done! Congrats!

Great art, great level design, great idea. I love it.

Definitely one of my favorite games of the jam.

And just how much you got done and polished in those 48 hours is incredible.


AMAZING. a puzzle "platformer" without jumping or gravity and boy does it work. unigue and moody my favorite game from the jam so far

I was hard pressed for time when I started playing but I just couldn't stop. Very Polished and very well thought out plan. Well Done.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.

Great!! Congrats!!

Wow, you guys did a superb job here. I wasn't aware I was changing places on the first level. Maybe make the level less symmetrical because I was so confused lol. But the art and levels designs are incredible, so outstanding work!

This game is awesome. The puzzles were created with a bunch of creativity! Gratz @moraguma and @AmoraHere!


Juego muy creativo y diferente. Me gustó mucho.

Hey, game wonderfull, congrats!

Looks great, plays great and is a awesome idea, noting else needs to be said.

Really fun game! Well done (especially for a 48 hour jam)

Hey, great game, my first all 5 star rating :)
Some of the puzzles are really mean, I probably wouldn't have beaten it without the solution video o.o